Volunteering Opportunities

Volunteering Opportunities

Parent Volunteer Program

Parents/guardians of all students are asked to participate in the volunteer program which affords them the opportunity to become an integral part of the operation of the school. This program substantially reduces the cost of education at Sacred Heart School. Volunteers work in the kitchen, library, lunchroom, and on the playground. They occasionally help in the classroom. Parent/guardian volunteers also help transport students to field trips.

In accordance with a decision made by the United States Catholic Council of Bishops, the  Diocese of Allentown has implemented a program for the protection of the children and youth we serve.  As a Diocesan School, we are  committed to  supporting this mandate.

At Sacred Heart School, ALL volunteers must complete the following prior to being allowed to volunteer in our school (this includes being a driver or chaperone on field trips):

  1. SH Clearance Guide-2
  2. Attendance at a Protecting God’s Children workshop (click here to see an upcoming schedule of classes)
  3. Signing a HIRERITE Criminal Background Check Authorization Form (click here to obtain the form).
  4. Reading the Diocesan Code of Conduct  Policy (click here to obtain the policy).
  5. Signing the Diocesan Code of Conduct Policy Acknowledgement Form on the last page of that policy.
  6. Reading the Diocesan Policy on Sexual Abuse  (click here to obtain the policy).
  7. Signing the Diocesan Policy on Sexual Abuse Acknowledgement Form on the last page of that policy.

All the above information can be found on the diocesan website.
Once on the site click on Protection of Youth, Background Checks and Protecting God’s Children.

If there are any questions about the requirements above, please contact Rose Prentice, Parish Safe Environment Coordinator at the School Office at 610-837-6391 or the Rectory Office at 610-837-7874.